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Reviews for Simnioniw Family Chiropractic

We value our patients’ experience at Simnioniw Family Chiropractic. If you would like to become a patient, or learn more about us, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Now Sleeping Soundly

Kylie has been a godsend. I have had back problems ever since being in the Army. My pains were so bad I could hardly breath when laying down and I couldn’t sleep at all. When my wife started seeing results from seeing Kylie I thought I’d try it. Medication and massages couldn’t help, so she was my last stop before accepting my pain as absolute. My back hardly has any pain left now and I’ve only been getting adjusted for 2 months. I sleep soundly and peacefully throughout the night. I play with my child and I don’t feel pain when walking, sitting, or laying down. This was truly one of my best decisions in my life and turning point for my physical recovery.

– Brandon E.

Gentle Adjustments for My Child

It is hard to find a chiropractor that specializes in pediatrics so it was awesome to find Dr. Kylie. She is wonderful with babies and practices extremely GENTLE adjustments. My husband was nervous about bringing our infant son for his colic but after watching the adjustment and seeing our son’s immediate behavior shift, he now tells everyone about how much it has helped. She offers great (free) classes and is extremely knowledgeable, as is her staff. I couldn’t recommend her enough, especially for prenatal care and babies/children.

– Coley H.

No More Ear Infections

heart-commentIn my opinion Dr. Kylie is a miracle worker! My little girl had been on antibiotics for three months straight with ear infections and sinus infections then developing lots of congestion and also a trip to the ER with croup! We were referred to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist, and of course my fear was tubes! I decided I had to take an alternate root after missing lots of work and seeing my baby miserable I decided to give chiropractic care a shot! Dr. Kylie was super welcoming and absolutely amazing with my little! I loved that she took the time to visit with us and get to know our situation and also after the initial scan really took time to explain what was going on and answer every little question I had (and continue to have). Read more…

The first appointment she adjusted my daughter in my arms (as it takes her quite a while to warm up to new people). The next few appointments she was adjusted while she was playing and barely even knew it was happening! Since beginning chiropractic care she is a totally different child! I had always considered her to be a very happy and “easy” child but after only a couple (and I do mean 2) adjustments she was WAY happier, ate, drank, and slept like never before! And the best part… We have been ear and sinus infection free for almost 2 months!!! If I would have know the benefits of infant chiropractic care I would have taken her in for an adjustment the day we came home from the hospital!

– Denise D.

Care During Pregnancy

Dr. Kylie is wonderful. I had adjustments and acupuncture during my pregnancy. I was way past my “due date”, and was able to go into labor naturally a few days later. Kylie and her staff are so knowledgeable and have been there to answer so many “new mom” questions. They are a blessing to the Dickinson community.

– Kathy L.

Back Pain Relief

Love! I got great results with back pain that was caused by an accident. I had went to other chiropractors with no results. Kylie was able to do a scan of my back and point out the areas. I got great results from getting adjusted by her and the appointments were easy and fast! I definitely recommend her!

– Kayla H.

An Educational Approach

Dr. Kylie is AMAZING! She takes a very educational approach to achieving your health goals, and walks through the steps needed to get there. Before I started going to Simnioniw Family Chiropractic I had extreme pain in my neck and upper back, I had poor circulation and kept losing feeling in my fingers. After the first month I began to notice a huge improvement in my pain level and circulation. After 2 months, I no longer lose feeling in my fingers, my pain has significantly improved and my circulation has as well! And I no longer dread going to the chiropractor when I am out of adjustment :)! If I could giver Dr. Kylie more than 5 stars I would!

– Meg J.

Great With Our Kids

We started seeing Dr. Kylie while we were treating my sons torticollis and he was in a cranial helmet. We were so impressed with the service we received that we have brought our other 2 children in to see her. She is so great with the kids and makes them feel comfortable and at ease. We would recommend Dr. Kylie to any of our friends or family.

– Miranda M.

Total-Picture Health Practitioner

Dr. Kylie is a total-picture health practitioner. Not only does she do adjustments, she uses state-of-the-art technology to scan the body and pin-point trouble areas. She is family-friendly and asks questions to help ensure you are feeling good every day, not just on adjustment day.

– Molly S.

Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy

quote-rightI’ve been seeing Dr. Kylie ever since we’ve known I was pregnant. With my last pregnancy I had gotten the epidural due to being induced and I had absolutely terrible back pain! Especially where the student had injected the needle. I was in pain all day and had trouble laying down and fully resting my back. Ever since seeing Kylie my back has felt WONDERFUL! She honestly is amazing at what she does. She is so sweet and trly cares! My daughter currently sees her along with my husband. We wouldn’t go to anyone else!

– Moriah E.


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