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About Simnioniw Family Chiropractic

Dr. Kylie Simnioniw has been in practice since 2009, providing natural health care to families. In 2011, she opened Simnioniw Family Chiropractic to give the Dickinson, communities safe and effective solutions for all ages of patients, with a focus on pregnancy care and pediatric chiropracticSimnioniw Family

A New Way of Life

As a family-oriented practice, our goal is to help your family live a lifestyle of wellness, so you can grow and live to your greatest potential together. Simnioniw Family Chiropractic’s healing care won’t just help your family avoid many common health problems; you’ll understand that chiropractic is a lifestyle that helps you live your life to the fullest.

We’ll work to educate you and your family to understand that you can take your health further with the help of chiropractic and lifestyle changes that we can help you achieve. Infants and children can avoid many common ailments concerning the ear, nose, throat, digestive and immune systems and overall well-being by having the benefit of chiropractic care from a young age.

Providing Modern, Innovative Solutions

The advanced scanning technology used at Simnioniw Family Chiropractic will objectively measure the level of health you’re currently experiencing. You’ll be able to see how your body and nervous system are functioning from these scans. Then, we’ll determine what you want for your health and how we can help you get there. Your care plan will be tailored to what your individual needs are and what you hope to accomplish. scanning post

Hope for Baby’s Best Health

We’ve helped countless babies who haven’t gotten the help they needed through other avenues. One mom brought in her infant son who hadn’t had a bowel movement for 13 days. She called us when they got home and was almost crying with happiness because her son had a poopy diaper on the way home from our office!

Another mom really wanted to have a natural birth after having one cesarean section. If she couldn’t have her baby by the due date, she was going to be induced. She came to the office and we did some work on her. She was already having contractions by the time she left, and had her baby that night.

We’ve even had twins that were transverse and by utilizing the Webster technique the baby’s had more room to move into a better position. The mom was then able to have have a natural delivery of her healthy twins! We love hearing about the power of chiropractic and making a difference in families’ lives.

Your family deserves to live the most beautiful life possible. Contact our office today to find out how we can help.

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