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What to Expect at Simnioniw Family Chiropractic

Dickinson Chiropractor What To Expect

Help yourself to refreshments. Make yourself at home in our office.

Your family will feel right at home when you walk into Simnioniw Family Chiropractic. We keep a calming, warm atmosphere with a fireplace roaring in the colder months and a comfortable leather sectional to sit on. Your children have a spacious playroom right by the entrance so that they can enjoy toys, books or even a movie.

You’re welcome to coffee, hot chocolate or tea. We have a recliner so that you can nurse comfortably. Kids can be themselves here, running around and playing in our laid-back environment.


New Patient Forms

Please download, print, and complete these forms so you can bring them with you to your first visit:

Adult Intake Form

Pediatric Intake Form

The First Visit

Dr. Kylie will get started by sitting down for a consultation with you. We’ll discuss your health history and current complaints. Our aim is to fully understand where your health is now and where you want to take it in the future. We’ll talk about your goals for your health before moving on to a series of scans to understand how your body is working.

The Insight™ Subluxation Station will provide us with measurements that test how your nervous system is functioning. The scans taken will allow us to locate exactly where your problems are, rather than just going by your symptoms. They’ll also demonstrate how balanced your body is and how it’s adapting to stress, all shown visually on the printed scans.

If X-rays are needed, we’ll send you to another facility to have them taken. Dr. Kylie will then go over all the information we’ve gathered to determine how best to help you, which we’ll review with you on your next visit. Please plan on spending about 40 minutes with us for this appointment.

The Second Visit

When you arrive for your next appointment, Dr. Kylie will be fully prepared to go over her findings from your first visit. We’ll show you the scans taken and relate the results to your current level of health. Dr. Kylie will go over a care plan that details how long it’ll take to see improvement and what costs are involved.

You’ll receive your first adjustment, which will be specific to the problems we’ve identified. Children love our special hippopotamus adjusting table! We also have a table appropriate for pregnant women.

Regular Visits

Your subsequent visits will usually take just 5-10 minutes. You’ll come in and get adjusted according to your care plan. We’ll retake the Insight™ Subluxation Station scans at regular intervals to understand the progress you’re making and see the difference from your first scans.

Coverage Information

We’re a cash practice and collect payment at the time of service. If you have insurance coverage, we’ll provide you with receipts so you can submit a claim and use your benefits. Our team will call to verify any coverage you might have before you return for your second visit. We encourage you to call and check your benefits as well. This information will be reviewed with you on your second visit.

Learning Opportunities

Dr. Kylie will talk to you during each of your visits so that you understand how we’re helping you and to learn about other ways to improve your health. Additionally, we run a number of workshops throughout the year on a variety of health issues, such as

  • ADHD
  • Prenatal Care
  • Raising healthy kids
  • Wellness

For a schedule of upcoming classes, check out our Facebook page.

Are you ready to learn what we can do to help your family? Contact our office today to schedule your time!


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